Best of Instrumentals & Dub’s Vol. 2

February 26, 2021
Various Artists
Suntree Records

Suntree Records is proud to present ”Best of Instrumentals & Dub’s Vol. 2”

Winter of 2021 is the perfect timing to release Suntree’s first compilation of the new year!
Suntree Records bringing you the second edition of the ‘best of Instrumentals & Dub’s’ compilation that brings the focus to the best of instrumental and dub versions we have released in the past 3 years.

Vocalists take all the attention, so we made an album where only the music talks!

Tracks from: Richard Earnshaw, Oded Nir, Adani & Wolf, Rob Hayes, Lucian Foort, Meital De Razon, Asi Tal, Nova Caza, Steven Stone, Kajan Chow, Jack York, Fresco Project, D-Reflection, Mr. Kris & Jorge Araujo, DJ Le Baron, Saskia Laroo, Warren Byrd, Lady Deep

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